Welcome to SREM!


Srem! Once you get there, you will recognize it instantly!

The Sava and Danube, together with two biggest cultural- administrative centers, Belgrade and Novi Sad, represent a border of this interesting and specific region, whose fertile plains and tame slopes of Fruška Gora have attracted people since the earliest age!

If you start your trip from Belgrade, it is enough to cross the bridge over the Sava river. The E-70 highway (a branch of Corridor 10) will lead you through the central part of Srem, through vast wheat fields, all the way to the Croatian border (112 km total). The same road, with Nikola Tesla Airport alongside, divides Srem into that famous ''wine Srem'' –Fruška Gora Srem in the north, and the one which is not less popular-  so called ''pork Srem'', the southern part of the region situated along the Sava river, famous for its meat products and Mangalica pig. You will find a lot of places in this area where you can seek for refreshment, taste a piece of Srem cuisine and hospitality and start your Srem adventure.

 If Novi Sad is your starting point, as soon as you cross the bridge over the Danube river you will be in Srem. All the way along the Danube through Srem there is a road dating back to the Roman era. The Danubian Limes with the developed network of roads that used to connect the fortresses by the Danube, all the way to Singidunum (Belgrade), is still the most important route on the way to tourist attractions along the Danube or the crossroads towards the Fruška Gora National Park and further to the southern part of the region.  

Moreover, between and across these main roads, there is something for everyone! Granges with horses, walks or rides through the nature reserves with rare birds, fish and animals, vast orchards and vineyards, wine houses and exquisite wines. Rich in water, with its two rivers, Fruška Gora and a great number of lakes and water springs Srem is an excellent choice for different types of water sports, fishing or recreation. Healing water in Vrdnik Spa and Stari Slankamen have been attractive for the recovery and relaxation for a long time and they are a great choice for your rest and a relaxing weekend, far away from busy city life. For those people who are more active and want more challenges, we recommend hunting, small or big game, hiking, cycling or Fruška Gora safari. For those of you who love parties and good food we recommend great fish stew with the sounds of tamburicas and ethno houses where besides music famous Srem pies, strudels and doughnuts are served, as well as food made in traditional dishes and roasted Mangalica pork. There are also souvenirs made of corn leaves and pumpkins or jars of the healthiest preserves, made according to granny's recipe and a bunch of memories knitted into rich cultural heritage that will remind you to visit Srem again. 

All this wouldn't be that pleasant if you didn't hear interesting stories and testimonies of 7,000 years of life in Srem. There are a lot of traces of life, work, art and construction in this area. Starting from the earliest Neolithic culture and the Bronze Age, until the end of the 1st century BC and the arrival of Romans, Srem has saved traces of life in this area. Sirmium, a tzar's seat with the flattering title from the 4th century of the ''famous and populous mother of cities“, together with a lot of fortresses, monasteries of  Fruška Gora and merchant cities are important cultural centers today, places of valuable museum collections, traditional manifestations and music shows. Srem is as interesting in winter as it is in summer, starting from Christmas celebrations in Sremski Karlovci, followed by the EXIT Festival and wine festivals, and then pig slaughter. Srem is a perfect choice for business meetings, family reunions, sports and recreation activities. With a large number of accomodations, both private houses and 5- star hotels, you have the opportunity to experience Srem just the way you want!

Welcome to SREM!