Through Fruška Gora, in the rhythm of the heart

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Autumn has treated us to the nice weather and Fruška Gora to the mountain freshness in warm shades of brown and yellow and a vast rustling carpet.  Everything is ready for the first snow, winter recreation activities and spending time with friends having some warm drinks and interesting specialties in one of many restaurants near the road or walking paths.  

Nature lovers, Fruska Gora is the most precious ornament plain Srem. It stretches in the direction west-east from Slankamen to Ilok, a length of 80 km and the width of up to 15km. Fruska Gora is a low mountain, the highest peak of the Red Cot, at 539m n / a or anyone who marches to her look much larger and more massive, because of the plains surrounding it. In the lower regions of Fruska Gora, 300m below the prevailing fragrant meadows, vineyards and orchards in higher dense forest. On the north side is bordered by the Danube and to the south by the fertile plain.

 Since 1960, due to the exceptional natural features and cultural and historical values, Fruska Gora was declared a national park, as a kind of treasure trove of the history of nature and open-air museum. Extremely rich in water, intersected by numerous streams and drinking water sources, with a large number of lakes and a true oasis of recreationists and fishermen. The richness of nature, a favorable geographic position and exceptional climatic characteristics have made it one of the most important tourist areas of Serbia. Special attention is drawn to a number of resorts, cultural and historical monuments and famous monasteries of Fruska Gora. For centuries the meeting place of the spiritual life of the Serbs, Fruska Gora monasteries were the core of Serbian literacy, the literary creativity and art. As such, today they are objects of authentic architecture and monuments of great importance, which attract the attention of both believers and pilgrims, and admirers of art and culture.

It is attractive at all seasons, having visitors both in summer and winter, so if you decide to spend one of your following weekends closely connected with nature, we recommend you to start your winter walk at the crossroads of Iriški Venac. There are two health paths leading from that spot, along the mountain ridge of Fruška Gora, one towards Zmajevac and the other one towards the TV tower. The trees marked with hearts will guide your way through the forest, along the main road. Adjust your pace to the rhythm of your heart and look for the refreshment and some rest in the Arena Restaurant at Iriški Venac. It is located on a meadow above the crossroads, opposite the National Park Information Centre. Besides the interesting ambience and kind staff, you will also like the dishes of the Arena Restaurant´s cuisine. They offer mushrooms from Fruška Gora and other specialties and you can also get a new tourist map of Srem there.

Choose carefully, but don´t miss a weekend in Srem!

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                                                                                                                                Duška Davidović