SPA Stari Slankamen

Banja Stari Slankamen

On the slopes of Fruska Gora, on the right bank of the Danube, only 55km from Belgrade and 45km from Novi Sad, is one of the oldest places in Srem and pioneer of spa tourism in Vojvodina, spa Stari Slankamen. Someone will say, spa, a village and everyone will be a little bit right. We visited it last year and we would recommend it, as nature lovers, vineyards, wine and good food, and active tourists, researchers and the curious unexpected guests.

Testimonies of Stari Slankamen settlement date back to the early Stone Age and the prerequisites for the development of spas and spa tourism date back to the Roman era, when dating salty water spa and resort named Acumincum (town on the hill). A special attraction, through the centuries, Stari Slankamen owes atypical relief, a hill overlooking the Danube and the plains, opposite the confluence of the Tisza and Danube, which has kept and strengthened many rulers, just raise the fortifications, spa baths, churches and organize their lives. Today, that relief carved with a stepped streets of the hill, the remains of the old fortress which dominates the Church of St. Nicholas and a beautiful view of the Danube, fishing boats, yachts and tourist boats, is a remarkable tourist potential and more reason to come in Stari Slankamen.

 To start the trip, we recommend a morning ride on the Danube, when only the Danube can be good looking and make a good photo of one of the three most important loess profile in the world. Moving from the same place and visit the confluence of the Tisza and Danube rivers and the place where, according to legend was buried Attila the Hun, known as Attila the Scourge of God. With the Danube is best seen and everything else that is interesting, and the story of the Old Slankamen. Plato Slankamena above, with a landscaped pedestrian and cycle paths, the place from where you can walk to visit the famous monument to the Battle of Slankamen. For rest and refreshment along the river, with fish specialties and the famous wine of the varieties named Slankamen - and other fragrant grape varieties from Fruska up, look at a flock of swans and tourist boats, the choice is one of the many restaurants, wineries and charda on the coast. On the banks of the Danube and is the oldest spa in Vojvodina, which gave way to the Special Hospital "Dr. Borivoje Gnjatić".

Special hospital for neurological diseases and post-traumatic conditions, "Dr Borivoje Gnjatić" Stari Slankamen is now synonymous with the name of the Spa and why the moving path of this Srem places, a name that also means survival and development, a name that represents a modern upgrade of what was Stari Slankamen represented through the centuries and the great potential for investment in the development of spa tourism.