20 years of love and care – Fairy pictures of Zasavica - Day mangulitsa

koverat sa markicom

This year, on the 20th anniversary of love and protection, the rare inhabitants of Zasavica got their postage stamp, hardworking hosts and their guests richly equipped Photomonography of Zasavica and hedonists got the opportunity to enjoy the gifts of nature and the inspiration of the visionaries and artists who have found their fairy tale right here. “The fairy tale exists, you can enter it, leave it, come back when you wish, live in it, you can give it a part of your body´s  beauty and soul. This fairy tale has got its address, you can find it easily…” , from the pen of Nedeljko Terzic – Photomonography  Zasavica.

For the full experience of Srem, a rare placewhichin the best way demonstrates the unity of nature and man and their unbreakable bond, certainly isthe Special Nature Reserve Zasavica. The space is dominated by the river’s biotope consisting of Zasavica River and its tributaries Batar with a total length of 33, 1km. Picturesque mosaic of forests, meadows, river banks and the river itself, abundance of plants and animals, traditional way of life on the river presented in folklore and everyday life, as well, historical heritage dating from ancient time, offer to the visitors rare, attractive and unique experiences during the whole year.

 This unique natural environment, measuring 1,825 hectares, of which 675 ha, in the first category of protection, is equally sharedbyrare plant and animal species, herds of animals autochthonous races, donkey farm, samples from the zoo, ...For 20 years, under the watchful eye of researchers, naturalists and activists in the protection of biodiversity, of those employed in the reserve to representatives of international research organizations, in Zasavica were registered 90 new species of flora and fauna of Serbia and 7 species new to the Balkans and thanks to them they were preserved and disappearingspeciesof Serbia in Zasavica returned (the beaver - Castor fiber) and some Zasavica is the only habitat in Serbia (Aldrovandi - Aldrovandavesiculosa).

Visitors are equally welcome to Zasavica, as researchers or as tourists. Also available for them are: Vizitoski center as well as restaurant "KodDabra" etno house, a boat ride on "Umbra", boats for fishing and individual sightseeing of the reserve or walking around the reserve. For a longer stay there are accommodation possibilities in modern auto-camp, tents or rooms for fishermen with the usage of sanitary facilities, with showers. Specialties from Zasavica are widely known, especially those of the mangulitsa and donkey, so it is not surprising that many people head for Zasavica only for healthy and quality bite or special products, which are only produced here. However, most of the visitors arenature lovers, fishermen lovers of the environment.

Possibilitiesduring the stayare different ranging fromeducational programs for pupils and students  recommended through programs of one or several days of expertly prepared activities, to research and work camps, photo-safari, natural- history walks through reserve and bird watching, to the realization of business meetings, seminars, conferences, team building and events.  The most visited, most cheerful and most delicious is the manifestation "Day mangulitsa", this year it will be held on Saturday, November 25, 2017.

And this is an opportunity to invite you to come! As before, the manifestation program starts from early morning hours.


                                                                                                                              Duška Davidović